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My husband and I have been together almost 20 years and being animal lovers, have always had several pets. Due to his work in oilfield sales we have moved around quite a bit. So, let me preface my testimonial by saying, we are fully experienced with having pet sitters and know a good one when we’ve found one.

We spotted Tonya’s Creature Comforts Ad on her vehicle by chance one day in Longview and boy how lucky we were to see it! We are relatively new to Longview, as we moved here from Houston in Jan 2010. We didn’t know a soul at the time and were about to embark (no pun intended) on our usual routine of searching for a pet sitter when one of us happened to see the Creature Comforts Ad randomly in traffic. Thank goodness we did because I can honestly say of all the pet sitters we’ve had (and we’ve had several), Tonya is by far the BEST!

She is extremely professional while being down-to-earth, which are two unique qualities that are not commonly combined successfully. I’m convinced these qualities are what set her apart from the rest. Tonya took us on last minute, during the holiday season at that. What’s more is we had just gotten a new puppy a few months prior and he was at the height of the puppy destruction phase. She did such an awesome job and took care of our pets and home with such ease and confidence that was refreshing and comforting to us. We have used her many times since and aren’t looking back! I just hope we don’t have to relocate anytime soon because other than finding a pediatrician and vet, a dependable pet sitter is equally, if not more difficult to find.

We always feel so secure and comfortable leaving our pets (who are like our children) and home with Tonya–I know you will be too!!!

Allison Andrepont

Creature Comforts has been a safe haven for our baby girl Schnauzer, Harley. When we go out of town and can’t bring her she gets to go to her second favorite place. She is pampered, played with, exercised and I think she gets more attention then she gets at home and that’s a lot.

Tonya loves these pets as her own and Harley loves Tonya. Thank you for giving us peace of mind when we have to leave her, as we know she is in great hands. We highly recommend Tonya’s Creature Comforts to anyone looking for a safe and happy place for your pets!

Dennis, Tracie, & Harley Chambers

Hello I am the owner of Pretty Paws Boutique in Longview, Texas and am very happy to say Tonya Parsons has been a friend of mine for over twenty years! We here at Pretty Paws know all to well how hard it is for our customers to find someone they can trust to take care of their pets while they are out of town. I highly recommend Creature Comforts for all your boarding needs!

Tonya is a wonderful person and loves animals more than just about anyone I know! We groom her dogs here at Pretty Paws and she takes excellent care of them and I have never heard a complaint about her business! I think Longview is very lucky to have an establishment like Creature Comforts to take care of their precious pets!!

Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Rhonda McCommasPretty Paws Boutique

Tonya is a very caring and dependable pet sitter. I am very comfortable allowing her to care for my personal pets as well as my clients.

Kenneth KimbroughD.V.MKimbrough Animal Hospital

Little Animal Hospital recommends Creature Comforts for In Home Pet care and Open Play Boarding. Tonya takes very good care of our patients needs and her personal attention is a plus. You can leave knowing that your furry family member is well cared for.

Dr. Susan LittleD.V.MLittle Animal Hospital

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Tonya is a very caring and dependable pet sitter. I am very comfortable allowing her to care for my personal pets as well as my clients.

Kenneth KimbroughD.V.MKimbrough Animal Hospital