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  • Elizabeth Ponder Avatar
    Elizabeth Ponder

    I took my 11yr old Westie in for her first grooming appointment with Creature Comforts today. The staff was friendly, listened to my grooming requests, and seemed to genuinely be excited to meet my sweet girl. I'm usually anxious about leaving her, but I was given a tour of the facility (I've never had that anywhere else!) before I left her. It was clean, had new equipment, and didn't smell at all. They had Lucy groomed within 1.5 hours. So fast! I'm so relieved to have people and a place that I can trust! Thank you, Creature Comforts! You all made my day today! 1/16/2018

  • Brenda Hunt Avatar
    Brenda Hunt

    I have been taking my lively 5 yr old Boston Terrier, Bizzee Bee, to Tonya since she was a puppy during the time when her business was at her home. Tonya, Brett and the entire staff are always upbeat and friendly no matter what time of day you arrive! I appreciate the meet and greet they do with new dogs, that they keep a watch on vaccination records, the endless photos they take every day, and that the facility is always spotless. But most of all I appreciate the love and individual attention they give to each and every one of their 4 legged "clients". I have never hesitated leaving Bizzee at Creature Comforts and like others that have posted, she literally runs me to the door every M-W-F!! Thank you for taking care of Miss Bizzee AND for indulging her treat addiction 🙂 1/23/2017

  • Matthew McDaniel Avatar
    Matthew McDaniel

    My wife and I have used Creature Comforts for a year now when traveling overnight or when we have an opportunity to drop our two Labradors, Tyler and Mallie, off for daycare. We live in the Houston area and have no issue driving out of the way to Creature Comforts for peace of mind. Both of our dogs love staying at Creature Comforts and it shows. The staff are kind, knowledgeable and care for your pet as if if it was their own. I encourage anyone looking for pet daycare, grooming or boarding to do your research, but Creature Comforts has truly created the best practice for others to try to follow. 8/01/2016

  • Delaina Tarrance Avatar
    Delaina Tarrance

    My husband and I went out of town with our kids over Christmas break. Having 2 fur babies that we could not take with us I usually leave them with my mom. However unable to, a family member recommend Creature Comforts. Now having taken them somewhere else before I knew they would behave but I have had bad experience with other places. This place was amazing. This will be their home away from home. Also I. Have used other places here in Longview for grooming but thought I would give creature comforts a try this time. And this was the first time I didn't hear upon picking up " we don't have stormy here did you take her somewhere else". The staff is wonderful. 3/29/2017

  • Jessica Lightle Avatar
    Jessica Lightle

    We LOVE Creature Comforts! Our Charlie always enjoys getting to stay there when we are out of town and for Daycare. We love getting to see his photos online! When we arrive, he always sprints to the door because he's so excited. Everyone there is so friendly and loving toward him. The staff are very helpful during the booking and even when we are away if I call to check on him. It's saying a lot for us to trust others with our fur baby. Creature Comforts is top of the line in my book! We wouldn't want him anywhere else. 9/05/2018

  • Alice Katherine Kuhn Avatar
    Alice Katherine Kuhn

    Our two boys, Asher and Emmerson (Emmy), attend what we call "school" a few times a week and about once a month boarding when we go out of town. We have seen improvement in our Aussie's attachment issues and socialization and our dachshund is way more dog friendly than when he began. I am WAY overprotective and call about every 4 hours to check on my boys and am always greeted pleasantly with up to date information and status checks of what my boys are doing! Thank you Creature Comforts for the love you give my
    boys!!! I recommend this place to anyone who loves their pets and hates to leave them. They truly have helped me and my boys.

  • Aisha Sheikh Avatar
    Aisha Sheikh

    I wanted to take the time to say thank you and also acknowledge everyone that works at CC. The pictures taken everyday, capture those special moments missed by the naked eye as our dogs zoom around and have so much fun fun fun! Their facial expressions, their movements and their interaction with other dogs and the environment all around them is expertly captured. I love looking at the day to day pictures posted on Facebook. My day is always better at work knowing my babies are having so much fun and being taken care with love and kindness!
    Thank you

  • Laurie Ann Dehoff-Turman Avatar
    Laurie Ann Dehoff-Turman

    This was the first time to be without our babies. They are with us 24/7 home and work everyday. This was the first time to go out of town without them. Our niece recommended this place to us and so we tried it. The employees were so great and friendly and so caring towards all the fur babies that came in. She gave me a tour of the facility and you can tell they go above and beyond to care for your babies. My Zoe and Chloe had a great time and so well cared for for the 4 days they were there. I'm going to start letting them go to Mother's Day out there a few times a week. LOL Thanks so much for a worry free weekend. 3/28/2017

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