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Q: What time can I drop off my pets?

A: During the week, our drop off time is between 3p-6p. Drop-off on Saturdays is 9a-1p, and Sundays is either 9a-11a or 5p-7p.

Q: What is the earliest I can pick up my pet?

A: The earliest time pets can be picked up is when we open each day. We are not able to accommodate pick-ups beforehand due to the staff still cleaning kennels and feeding the dogs.

Q: What is the latest I can pick up my pet?

A: We have a check out time of 11a seven days a week. However, you are able to pick up after 11a with a check-out fee of $12 per pet. If you are unable to pick up before we close that day, your pet will have to stay that night and you will be charged another night’s boarding fee.

Q: Why do you require the Bordetella every 6 months?

A: We require the Bordetella every 6 months in order to lower the risk of canine cough spreading throughout the facility.

Q: Can my female dog stay while she is in heat?

A: No, we do not allow females in-heat due to the high arousal in male dogs from the scent the female gives off, making it difficult to safely handle them.

Q: Does my male dog have to be neutered in order to be boarded?

A: No, intact males are welcomed to board.

Q: Do you have any breed restrictions?

A: No, we do not have restrictions on any specific breeds. A dog being able to board with us is dependent on each individual dog’s attitude and behavior towards the staff.

Q: How big are the kennels my dog will be staying in?

A: We offer two different sized kennels: 3ft x 3ft and 4ft x 6ft.

Q: Where will my cat be staying?

A: Our Cattery can accommodate up to 12 cats. Each cat has their own Condo sectioned off for them to sleep, eat, and use their litter box. Cats from the same family are able to share a Condo, and cats from different families are never together. During the day, we let them out one at a time (or with their siblings) to run around the room, lay by the windows, or play with toys we have provided.

Q: What do I need to bring for my pet while they are boarding?

A: All you need to bring is their food and any medications in their original bottle your pet may need while they are staying. All personal belongings must be labeled. We provide bowls.

Q: How far in advance do I need to make/cancel my boarding reservations?

A: Normally, we ask for a 24 hour notice of any reservations being made or cancelled. However, we understand there are circumstances where this may not be possible, in which case we ask that you inform us in as much of advance as you can.

Q: How long in advance do I have to cancel my reservations over major holidays?

A: If you have a reservation booked over any major holiday, we ask that you give at least a weeks’ notice of any cancellations to receive a full refund. Non-holiday season cancelations must be made with at least 72 hours notice.

Q: Why do I have to give a deposit? Will I get my deposit back if I cancel?

A: We require a two nights’ deposit for any reservations made over major holidays. This insures your spot. If you cancel less than seven days before your scheduled drop off date, you will lose your two-night deposit; Otherwise the deposit will go towards your final bill when you pick up.


Q: How much is daycare?

A: For a full day of daycare which is from 8a-11a and 1p-4p, it is $20. For half a day, which is either the morning or the afternoon half, it is $15.

Q: Is daycare a requirement for boarding?

A: No, we do not require you to have your pet in daycare while they stay with us. If you choose to do daycare, your dog would need to be evaluated before they came to board. If your pet passes the evaluation, it is an additional $3 for every day you wanted them in daycare. Your pet does not have to do daycare every day while they stay. You are more than welcome to pick which days your dog participates in daycare.

Q: What is an evaluation? How long does the evaluation last?

A: An evaluation is where we test your dog with up to five other dogs who have different temperaments to see how well they play together. We ask that you have your dog here no later than 9a. The evaluations take place between 11a-1p. If your dog passes, we ask that they stay until 4p so they can participate in the second half of daycare. We ask that you pick up your dog between 4p-6p, and the evaluation day is $15.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment to get my dog evaluated?

A: Yes, you must have a reservation due to the fact that we can only do so many in one day.

Q: Why can’t I have my dog evaluated on the same day as boarding or grooming?

A: Evaluations are best performed when the dog is under low stress levels. Boarding dogs must have attended at least one full day prior to arrival so the play supervisors know how best to group them

Q: Does my male dog have to be neutered in order to do daycare?

A: Yes, all male dogs must be neutered in order to participate in daycare.

Q: Can I bring my dog in for daycare on Saturdays?

A: On Saturdays, we only offer daycare to boarding dogs.

Q: How often do my dogs get out during the day if they aren’t in daycare?

A: If your dog doesn’t do daycare, we take them out about 5 times each day for 15-20 minutes each, depending on the weather and the number of other dogs there are to take out. If the weather is bad and the dogs are unable to stay outside comfortably, all the dogs then take turns in our indoor playroom to use the bathroom and stretch their legs. This will still occur about 4 times each day.


Q: What is the difference between a Full Service Bath and a Kennel Bath? Is there a price difference?

A: A Full Service Bath includes shampoo, blow dry, brush, ears cleaned, nails clipped and filed, and anal glands expressed. A Kennel Bath includes shampoo, blow dry, brush, and a smell-good spray. The price difference is about a $10 due to the length of time it takes to do each one.

Q: Do you groom on the weekends?

A: We only offer grooming M-F. However, we do offer grooming on Saturdays for boarding dogs only.


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