Just like boarding but with a focus on socialization and playtime. Your pets will have a healthy outlet for their energy in an open play environment. Whether they are here for vacation or just a couple hours you will know they’ve exhausted all their energy. Each dog is evaluated on social skills, play type, confidence level, temperament, communication skill and problem-solving ability. This allows us to see what, if any, potential problems could arise in daycare. It is our belief that daycare helps to develop your dog into a more well behaved pet. Dogs that are allowed to socialize on a regular basis with other dogs when supervised by a trained supervisor, increase in their ability to handle situations that otherwise may cause them fear. Our goal is to ensure that your dog leaves our facility better than when he arrived.

We encourage our customers to understand the process so you are able to continue our positive techniques when at home. If you have any questions about our evaluation or how you can encourage better behavior at home, please talk to one of our daycare supervisors.

Our Daycare Supervisors have been trained by a professional in dog behavior, dog interaction, evaluations, supervising daycare and breaking up disagreements. Requirements (Pet must be at least 16 weeks of age and current on all shots, newly acquired dogs must be owned for a minimum of 60 days and all dogs must be spayed of neutered by 6 months), please call ahead for scheduling.


Doggie Daycare

$20.00 per Day (6 hr)

$15.00 prepaid evaluation fee prior to group play

$15.00 half day charge (3 hr)
Operating hours are Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm;   Saturday 9am-1pm (Saturdays are for Boarding Dogs Only)
Play time schedule: 8am – 11am play time | 11am – 1pm nap time | 1pm – 4pm play time


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Creature Comforts is a high-end pet resort operating in a state-of-the-art facility. We are run by a fully trained and certified staff of animal lovers, so you know your best friends are in goods hands.

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