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Many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone during the day. They may destroy furniture, have accidents, bark nonstop and become stressed out. Open Play boarding lets them spend the day lounging on the couch while watching TV and playing with their new friends.


Keeping your pet groomed can be a lot of work. Between getting dirty during playtime and exploring in your yard, it can be tough to keep them clean. Let us help take care of the mess so you don’t have to stress.


Just like boarding but with a focus on socialization and playtime. Your pets will have a healthy outlet for their energy in an open play environment. Whether they are here for the day or just a couple hours you will know they played hard.


Our unique to East Texas Cattery accommodates individual cats as well as larger cat families with single cabins or multi-cat suites. Cat guests all get time out of their cabins and to play on cat furniture and bask in the sun at a large picture window.

Why Choose Us?

Creature Comforts is a high-end pet resort operating in a state-of-the-art facility. We are run by a fully trained and certified staff of animal lovers, so you know your best friends are in goods hands.

Creature Comforts has been a safe haven for our baby girl Schnauzer, Harley. When we go out of town and can’t bring her she gets to go to her second favorite place. She is pampered, played with, exercised and I think she gets more attention then she gets at home and that’s a lot.

Tonya loves these pets as her own and Harley loves Tonya. Thank you f…

Dennis, Tracie, & Harley Chambers

Our Facility

Using our experiences from our beginning in 1996, Creature Comforts built a modern, 7,600 square foot facility from the ground up in Longview off the Loop on the way to the Interstate, near the soccer fields and Lake Cherokee. This advanced facility is open seven days a week and is climate controlled, with an indoor play yard for inclement weather. Creature Comforts built the only cattery in East Texas and maintains a staff trained in Pet CPR and animal behavior…